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Affiliate Directors

Brandon Conlin is Registered Alcohol and Drug Peer Support in the state of KY. He is currently working with Archway Institute as the Director of NPRA-KY, the Kentucky affiliate of the National Peer Recovery Alliance. Brandon also works as a Community Liaison for Addiction Recovery Cares (ARC). In this role, he is in the community helping others trapped in a cycle of addiction reduce barriers and take their first steps to finding successful recovery. He began his career at ARC as a Certified Peer Support Specialist and assisted the organization in building a Peer Support Department that supervises over 100 Peers working in treatment.

Brandon Conlin

Brandon Conlin National Peer Recovery Alliance Affiliate Director Kentucky

Gerald Lott

My name is Gerald Lott, CPRS, and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery, a non-profit RCO (Recovery Community Organization) created to advocate for recovering people in Lee, Whiteside, DeKalb and Ogle counties in Illinois. I am also a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, person in long-term recovery and a convicted felon. Long term recovery for me means I have not had any type of recreational drug and have been alcohol free since April of 2008. I love playing basketball, laughing with friends and helping individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD)/alcoholism. I have 6 children and 1 grandchild. I graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans in 1988 and right out of college I was a Probation Officer for the Juvenile Court in Cook County for approximately 1.5 years. After that I made a living in various roles including a 15-year career in the music and nightlife industries.

I have battled my addiction for over 40 years and had many wins and many losses. I presently spend most of my days looking for new and innovative ways to help build a stronger recovery community in my area. That looks like providing recovery support, hosting sober-social events, providing a sober-living option for men and hosting a weekly radio podcast called “The Recovery Greenhouse.” This podcast can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or the organization's website,

I am currently working to expand Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery’s reach and effectiveness to other areas. I will accomplish this by being a contributor to the National Recovery Conversation. I believe it is my job to go out into the world and seek innovative and creative strategies to combat Substance Use Disorder so that I can bring them back to my community. Our current goals are to build a Collegiate Recovery Community at Northern IL University, develop a Recovery Farm(s) in our counties, increase access to MAR (Medically Assisted Recovery) and build a treatment facility that will help the under-insured.

I have been in continuous sobriety for 16 years and have been following my passion in assisting individuals in addiction since 2018. Some of my many accomplishments are being a member of the Illinois Statewide Recovery Subcommittee, I am the Illinois Affiliate Director of National Peer Recovery Alliance and am part of the Recovery Community (RCO) Board of Illinois Recovery United Task Force.

I believe that recovery is something you must actively pursue and master through whatever pathway works for you. Like any other endeavor, you not only have to practice it, you have to become it. You become “Recovered” through hard work, determination and an undying hunger to have a better tomorrow. I can best be reached at our business website, or at the Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery office (779) 707-0151.

Gerald Lott National Peer Recovery Alliance Affiliate Director Illinois

Jacob is an individual dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those struggling with substance use disorder. With a personal journey of overcoming addiction, Jacob has found purpose in supporting and empowering others on their path to recovery.


Drawing from his own lived experience, Jacob is driven to inspire hope and foster collaboration within the substance use disorder treatment space. Recognizing the transformative power of Peer Support Services, he works tirelessly as an Executive Board Member of the National Peer Recovery Alliance - Missouri Chapter to advocate for his peers and promote the value of this critical support system.

Jacob is a passionate advocate who believes in the importance of destigmatizing addiction and creating a community that encourages healing and growth. Through his work, Jacob aims to amplify the voices of individuals in recovery, highlighting their resilience and strength.

Jacob Dunavant

Jacob Dunavant National Peer Recovery Alliance Affiliate Director Missouri

Josh Ramsey

Josh Ramsey is the Peer Recovery Support Specialist working with the Izard County Sheriff’s Department and the 16th Judicial Drug Task Force. Ramsey resides in Batesville, Arkansas, with his wife, Ashley, and their 7-year-old son, Ashton. He currently serves Izard, Independence, Cleburne, Stone, and Fulton Counties.

Ramsey struggled for 30 years with a substance use disorder. After being arrested dozens of times, Ramsey finally went to a faith-based treatment facility in October 2018. Ramsey celebrated 5 years substance-free on September 18, 2023 and is very passionate about recovery. Ramsey works alongside two investigators. He uses his lived experience to help people who have overdosed and their families/friends to get treatment and create an effective recovery plan. Ramsey is currently active in the community and in the church. He leads a Celebrate Recovery Program in several jails, conducts Narcan trainings, volunteers with feeding and ministering to the homeless, and conducts community outreach for drug prevention. Ramsey is the recipient of the 2021 Rising Star and 2022 Forensic Peer of the Year Award.

Josh Ramsey National Peer Recovery Alliance Affiliate Director

Samantha Evans

Sam Evans is the Program Manager for Hope Recovery Community, a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) in Medina County, Ohio, serving those impacted by addiction. She is also a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter in Ohio. She has a passion for recovery and loves to build the systems which serve people in or seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorder.


Sam has over 5 years of recovery from drugs and alcohol. She has served as an Advisory Council Member for Hope Recovery Community since 2019 and Chair of the National Peer Recovery Alliance Ohio Affiliate since its formation in 2023. She is an alumni of the LEAD Institute inaugural class and graduate of Cuyahoga Community College.


Outside of work, Sam enjoys spending time with her family, creative photography, and riding her motorcycle. She also believes strongly in the importance of service to the community and has built a life dedicated to serving others both personally and professionally.

Samantha Evans National Peer Recovery Alliance Affiliate Director Ohio
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