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Sponsorship Opportunities NPRA

Sponsorship Opportunities

Join us in elevating the peer workforce — become a peer ally today!


"I joined NPRA as a way to broaden my network. I received so much more. I was a given a Mentor (John Singer). John and I have known each other through passing before this. Through our mentorship we've actually become closer. John has helped me clean up the way I speak, my social media, introduced me to new avenues of networking, answered my questions about working with peers, becoming more professional, and so much more!! All this by sharing his own journey with me...Thank you to John and everyone involved in this needed, rewarding, and exciting journey!"

Andy Bowman

"Being a part of this amazing community is a blessing, but the real time resources, the professional development of myself and the community is hands down the best part about NPRA. My mentor has been there for me to guide me through some legal challenges and has been there as a brother in recovery for me. Dave has helped me gain knowledge of professional development opportunities and trainings I wish to accomplish. I truly can't express how grateful I am for this opportunity, community, and growth of myself and others."

Shane Spurgeon

"I started working as a CPS just over 7 months ago. When I started, I was confident, empathetic, and compassionate. I knew what it was like to be helpless, especially in a new place. About 4 months into my career, I was approached by a mentor involved with NPRA. He told me that this was a group of other peers in recovery that wanted to make our voice known, to advocate for the position of Certified Peer Specialists, and to give back to the people who are just breaking in. I knew, then and there, that this was what I was missing. the bonds that I have made in NPRA will undoubtedly last for a lifetime. I would not be the CPS I am today without the help of NPRA."

Michael Fowler​

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NPRA is a division of the ARCHway Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. When you click on the Donate button below, you will be redirected to NPRA’s HOPE Fund via the ARCHway Institute. Donations to this HOPE Fund support NPRA’s efforts to grow a more unified, empowered peer workforce.

"Through NPRA, I have found a wonderful group of people who have the same passion for helping people as I do. I am learning more information that keeps fueling my hunger for more knowledge. We do recover!"

Julie Rose

"I can't express how much I truly appreciate all you've done fore me and helped me with along the way to getting closer to accomplishing my goals. The mentorship was an awesome experience -- knowing I had someone ready to help me and lead me in the right direction and with the amount of resources you had readily available. I appreciate all your help and encouragement along the way."

Ryan Rappe

"Working with my friends at NPRA has opened up resources and growth both personally and professionally that continues to energize and amaze me. Being trusted to build and utilize this engine is the most humbling and worthwhile experience of my career, and by extension, my recovery."

David Aumiller

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